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03 March 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Mood Themes: Tin Man - Zero/Azkadellia  
- Zero/Azkadellia mood theme

Yeah, we all know it: I'm a sucker for weird fanon pairings. But think about it really: she's hot and powerful and he's less powerful and somewhat hotter. Clearly they complete each other. ;) Plus they have this weird chemistry (then again Callum Keith Rennie would have chemistry even with a pencil) that really feeds my submission bunny. I mean like the cold Sorceress and her Knight kinda thing, you know?

Well, this being fanon and them both being evil and not main characters, I had to be creative with this once again. I absolutely hate it how this pairing is about bothered glances and eyesex subtext, because they are deliciously evil and should've totally had twisted powerplay on screen. Or at least stand next to each other more often ;)

Screencaps are by mercscilla

Comment if you take ^^ Credit tahraton_mieli in your info page. Use anywhere you like as long as you credit (GJ, LJ). Further instructions on installing are inside the .zip file...

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